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Supashock Managing Director Oscar Fiorinotto says that if a product or business works in South Australia, it generally works anywhere. Despite the option to move to other states, the company has stayed in South Australia because of the opportunities presented by defence, and the pipeline of great local talent.

Founded by Fiorinotto in 2005, the company set out with the goal to create innovative and advanced mobility systems for automotive OEMs and high-level motorsport, with great success. By 2016, Supashock had developed a unique system for military operations called the ALHS (Automated Loading Handling System).

Since partnering with German partner Rheinmetall Defence, Supashock has developed a range of tracked vehicle systems, as well as refining the revolutionary ALHS, and developed mobility systems for defence forces globally.

Supashock prides itself on supporting South Australian’s economy and keeping jobs in the state, with over 80% of their supply chain being based in South Australia.

I believe the future of South Australia’s defence industry is the ability to demonstrate that we can grow our sovereign industrial capability through the education and development of young people into high-skilled jobs that prevent them from wanting to go overseas or interstate. We need to do more to support winning businesses so they can continue to grow to develop new Sovereign technologies.

Oscar Fiorinotto, Managing Director Supashock