Business advice to help you get where you want to be

Bentleys SA is a contemporary and insightful advisory and professional services firm that has been supporting the growth and development of aspirational businesses and entrepreneurial people for the past 40 years.

Part of an international network of advisory and accounting firms, Bentleys SA has more than 700 highly skilled employees delivering solutions from 18 locations across Australia, New Zealand and China.

Bentleys SA is also a member of Allinial Global, an international association of independent accounting and consulting firms. With almost 23,000 staff located across 66 countries, Bentleys can offer you access to a rich array of resources and professional assistance to support your international growth objectives.

Strategic business advisory

Whether it is developing a governance and delivery model, risk management methodology or understanding how to position your company in South Australia with the correct strategic and operational framework, our advisory team can provide you with high level and experienced support.

Specialist taxation

Bentleys SA prides itself on simplifying Research and Development (R&D) taxation incentives for businesses, and developing compelling business cases to win R&D tax grants and incentives. We have developed a leading competency in assisting foreign controlled groups establish Australian subsidiaries for the purpose of managing Australian R&D investments. We are also experienced in specialist taxation advice to foreign companies on compliance requirements, debt/equity structuring, thin capitalisation, transfer pricing, tax effective repatriation of profits, withholding tax, foreign exchange rules and executive tax planning.

Financial services

The Bentleys SA Finance team helps businesses with a range of financial aid, including arranging import and trade finance; arranging insurance, vehicle, asset and equipment finance; managing buy-outs and buy-ins; providing financial modelling construction and review services, and managing invoice financing. We also offer one-on-one assistance to individuals seeking advice on financial planning, wealth management and superannuation planning.

Marketing strategy

We believe marketing should always start with business objectives. Having a solid marketing plan allows you to focus your marketing investment to set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART) goals and workable timeframes for your marketing activities and achieve a great return on investment. We work with you develop a marketing strategy and set of tactics, to be rolled out to key audiences focused on achieving the core marketing objectives.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support international companies plant firm, successful foundations in our state. Bentleys SA has a deep and practical knowledge of defence that will prove invaluable to international companies looking to establish themselves in South Australia at the Defence Landing Pad.