Marketing, advertising and production services

redbikini is a marketing and production agency that works with clients from the strategic planning and creative ideation stage, through to production and execution.

redbikini has provided marketing services to the defence industry since 2010, both locally and nationally, including the production of content for domestic and international audiences.

Our experience within the industry has given us a deep understanding of the defence business and proficiency in security processes, government liaison, interpretation of protocols and dealing with sensitive information and intellectual property.

We have advanced systems to minimize risk in terms of finance, security and safety matrixes and procedures, and occupational health and safety to ensure client satisfaction.

We offer a “value for money” approach by eliminating the need to hire both an advertising agency and production house.

Technically, we use state-of-the-art, 4K-camera equipment to future-proof vision and have an extensive library of defence industry stock footage.

Key activities that redbikini has undertaken for defence industry clients include:

  • Marketing consultancy services

  • Marketing and advertising strategy
  • Creative ideation
  • Full creative production services – with a specialty in video and animation including 2D animation, 3D animation and 3D model building
  • Event, conference and trade show assistance

As the defence sector in Australia becomes increasingly competitive, we provide the passion, ideas and talent to help your brand get noticed in a cost effective manner. Our client base includes APC Technology, Broadspectrum, Defence SA, Defence Teaming Centre, Nova Systems and SAAB.