Asension and AOS unveil HERCULES EW system

South Australian electronic warfare company Asension (formerly DEWC Systems) has partnered with Melbourne-based company AOS, to offer the Australian Defence Force a game-changing electronic warfare (EW) solution.

Announced at Land Forces 2022, the new HERCULES EW network is expected to be more versatile than current networks and will provide the Army with a sovereign EW system that will increase the ground forces’ survivability.

Managing Director of AOS Andrew Lucas said the system would provide a cost-effective solution that delivers what the Army needs right now.

“HERCULES EW is a sophisticated, AI-driven system that will allow the Army to penetrate difficult areas with the communication network resilience they need, without risking the lives of our soldiers,” Lucas reiterates.

The HERCULES EW is comprised of four components to ensure mobile network resilience including reach and survivability:

  • The AOS iWatchdog multi-vehicle tasking system that coordinates a number of autonomous vehicles and systems.
  • The AOS-designed autonomous, off-road Kelpie vehicle.
  • Defence Science and Technology Group’s HARLEQUIN radio planning and optimisation tool that can dynamically address network survivability in complex environments.
  • Asension’s Wombat – a sovereign, software-definable intelligent transceiver that supports user-configurable radio frequency applications.

The Wombat offers a sophisticated EW capability in a compact, hard-wearing box for field deployment. Its ultra-wideband radar can detect concealed threats, with cognitive tools for pre-emptive Electronic Attack, spectrum monitoring for channel assurance and allocation, and static and dynamic radar cross-section measurement.

Asension CEO Ian Spencer said the Wombat provided a sophisticated and compact EW capability.

“HERCULES EW is the perfect application for the Asension Wombat, and we are excited to collaborate with another innovative Australian company to deliver this unique sovereign capability solution,” Mr Spencer said.

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