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Autonomous mine clearance capability tested in SA

A new project is seeking to enhance detection and clearance of underwater mines close to shore using autonomous technologies that will improve safety for Navy personnel. The project will design, develop, test and evaluate various teams of micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicle swarms and Autonomous Surface/Subsurface Vessels to provide an autonomous mine clearance capability that operates in the amphibious zone close to shore. The amphibious zone is often extremely difficult to navigate when searching for underwater mines, due to tides, waves and currents, low visibility and a low communications environment. The technology being developed would seek to supplement high-risk activities undertaken ...

21 December 2022
Autonomous mine clearance capability tested in SA2022-12-21T14:07:10+10:30

Boeing and University of Adelaide partner to support diversity in STEM

A partnership between aerospace giant Boeing and the University of Adelaide is set to assist students studying science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in 2023. The University of Adelaide Higher Education Relations Grant will be used for sponsorship of student programs and initiatives promoting diversity in STEM, with the intent of inspiring a new pipeline of student talent and technology development. Aiming to benefit approximately 620 students, the grant will support Indigenous students, high school students, women in STEM, students who compete in the Australian Rover Challenge and first year students participating in the University’s design and build challenge. The ...

21 December 2022
Boeing and University of Adelaide partner to support diversity in STEM2022-12-21T09:23:53+10:30

Young Achiever’s career on upward trajectory

The Australian Industry & Defence Network – South Australia (AIDN SA) Young Achiever Award 2022 was announced at the annual AIDN SA Christmas and Garden Party last week. Southern Launch Regulatory Lead Eamon Lawson received this year’s honour, selected from a competitive field of nominees. Eamon was recognised for his important contribution to critical law reform to support the development of Australia’s first sovereign end-to-end space capability covering payload development, rocket manufacture and launch into space. Space launch is an important pillar in Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities. Playing a lead role in navigating legislative and regulatory frameworks across projects for Defence directly ...

14 December 2022
Young Achiever’s career on upward trajectory2022-12-14T15:56:43+10:30