AUKUS submarines build partners announced

The Australian Government has announced the selection of ASC Pty Ltd and BAE Systems as Australia’s Sovereign Submarine Build Partner with the build taking place at the Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia.

The announcement marks a critical step forward in the program, which represents the single biggest capability acquisition in Australia’s history.

The selection of these two world-leading companies, with 95 years of combined experience, demonstrates their unrivalled capability, with ASC responsible for the build and sustainment of the existing Collins class submarines in Adelaide while BAE Systems is the UK’s long-term nuclear-powered submarine design and build partner.

ASC and BAE Systems will initially form a collaborative arrangement which will lead to the establishment of a long-term incorporated Joint Venture.

The Joint Venture brings together the unique and complementary capabilities, skills expertise and resources of the two partners required to deliver Australia’s SSN-AUKUS submarines.

The AUKUS submarine program aims to create around 20, 000 jobs nation-wide over the next 30 years, with South Australia working collaboratively with the Australian Government, industry and academia on a number of initiatives to ensure the workforce is in place to deliver the program. At its peak an estimated 4,000-5,000 direct jobs are expected to support the AUKUS submarine build.

A land exchange with the Australian Government has occurred to facilitate construction of the new submarine yard, with up to 4,000 workers required to design and build the infrastructure.

The next key step in the program has been outlined as the South Australian Government partnering with the Australian Government on the design and delivery of a Skills and Training Academy at Osborne to educate and train the required workforce.

ASC Pty Ltd was also announced as the Sovereign Submarine Sustainment Partner for nuclear-powered submarines, which will commence with the Virginia class, followed by the SSN-AUKUS. Sustainment activities will be undertaken in Western Australia.

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