Cold Logic launches new HVAC system to support Defence programs

South Australian industrial refrigeration specialist Cold Logic has received its first order for a batch of new Defence compliant Environmental Control Units (ECUs) to support a Defence Mobile Command and Control program.

Cold Logic ECU45 Unit The Port Adelaide-based Refrigeration and Controlled Environment System manufacturer designed the unit to address a gap in the Australian supply chain market for hard-mounted air conditioning systems to cater for deployable shelters currently in use with the Australian Defence Force that meet new requirements for EMI/EMC compliance.

Prior to this, there was no current sovereign Australian option to provide hard-mounted environmental conditioning systems for deployable shelter systems for the ADF that complied with the latest requirements for shock and vibration and EMI/EMC compliance, forcing Defence projects to look to overseas manufacturers. Systems procured from overseas manufacturers face the risk of supply chain delays, spare parts availability and more serious implications around system performance due to ambient design temperatures as well as EMI /EMC compliance.

The new ECU45 unit builds on the previous success of Cold Logic’s ECU38 unit, a first of type system for use in Daronmont deployable shelters. The ECU45 has a cooling capacity of approximately 10 kWr at an ambient temperature of 49˚C.

Cold Logic Manager for Defence Business and Research and Development, Dr Michael Riese, said the company had responded to the ADF’s increased need for cooling requirements within deployable shelters.

“These shelters mostly have a constant heat load from electronic equipment house there-in irrespective of the ambient temperatures.  This brings its own challenges, both at high and low ambient temperature conditions,” he said.

“Our product addresses these challenges as well as a number of other shortfalls from overseas manufactured products when applied to the Australian context.”

Daronmont Technologies Deployable Systems Program Manager, Mary Williamson, praised Cold Logic’s approach to