Defence unveils supercomputing capability at Edinburgh

A new advanced supercomputing capability has been launched at South Australia’s Edinburgh Defence Precinct, enabling leading scientists to tackle complex Defence challenges with greater precision and accuracy.  

The high-performance computing capability performs up to a million times faster than a standard computer and is the first of its kind in Australia.

It will be used by scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Group to analyse large data sets and rapidly perform complex calculations to tackle some of Defence’s most challenging scientific and engineering problems.

Minister for Defence Richard Marles said the supercomputing capability will play a vital role in the design, development and analysis of modern weapon systems and national security systems, and will be critical in supporting key AUKUS priorities including nuclear-powered submarines, quantum technologies and artificial intelligence.

“The high-performance computing capability not only provides Australia with a sovereign capability that allows us to pursue activities in our national interest, but it also gives us a strong foundation for even closer collaboration with partner nations,” he said.

“For much of the work done by our Defence scientists, data is critical. But even more important than the data itself, is the ability to rapidly and reliably analyse and process that data.

“This high-performance computing facility provides a secure and sovereign capability to do just that.”

It is expected that the high-performance computing capability will drive the development of disruptive solutions, and the department is actively recruiting to increase the workforce supporting the capability.

The new computing infrastructure is known as ‘Taingiwilta’, which means ‘powerful’ in the language of the Kaurna people and is housed in a purpose-built secure facility called ‘Mukarntu’, meaning ‘computer’.

Visit Defence Science and Technology Group for more information on the new computing capability.

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