Local companies team up for submarine refrigeration refresh

Cold Logic and Ace Panel Systems have performed a refrigerated panel lifecycle refresh onboard one of the Royal Australian Navy’s six Collins Class Submarines, to help maintain the vessel’s energy efficiency and support the welfare of crew during their deployments.

ASC is the sustainer of Australia’s Collins Class submarine fleet and responsible for activities including the Adelaide-based Full Cycle Docking (FCD), an extensive maintenance and upgrade refit which is undertaken on each boat after a decade of service. Cold Logic and Ace Panel Systems, two South Australian-based businesses, were engaged as part of the current submarine FCD to deliver a refrigerated panel refresh after age-related deterioration was detected.

The decision to undertake a full refresh of the submarine galley’s walk-in refrigeration space, and insulated refrigeration panel, is a first for the Collins program. It will ensure consistent performance of the area over the next 20 years, delivering a superior outcome when compared to spot repairs.

Collaboration between Cold Logic, Ace Panel Systems and ASC’s engineering and trade staff on the schedule and methodology of works achieved a seamless installation of the new panel on board, with correct fitment and required moisture barriers.

“This is the first time since the build of HMAS Collins that this type of complete remove and replace for a specific space on board one of Australia’s submarines has been performed,” said Dr Michael Riese, Manager for Defence Business at Cold Logic.

“Working closely with ASC and Ace Panel Systems, we were able to make sure that the newly installed material met or exceeded the performance requirements set out for the class during the original platform design.

“The welfare of Australia’s sailors and the operational capability of the nation’s submarines is at the heart of our involvement in the defence industry, and why we formed a division specifically dedicated to the defence sector over four years ago.”

South Australia is the confirmed location of Full-Cycle Docking and the life-of-type extension of Australia’s Collins class submarine fleet at Osborne Naval Shipyard.