New brand unveiled for advanced tech company

Following a merger between advanced technology companies Consilium Technology and elmTEK in 2022, ‘Aurizn’ has been unveiled as the new brand for the South Australian-based entity.

Now a major market provider for the defence and enterprise sectors, Aurizn will provide solutions across AI, Advanced Sensing and Simulation by utilising the combined skills and services of Consilium and elmTEK.

Group CEO, Seth Thuraisingham, said the evolution of the companies into Aurizn has been an exciting journey.

“We’re really excited to launch the Aurizn brand officially and the direction we are taking in terms of pushing the boundaries to help our Defence and Enterprise customers build a more secure future,” said Mr Thuraisingham.

“Aurizn’s capabilities in sensors, simulation and AI are critical to solving defence challenges and lowering costs and improving margins in medium to large enterprises.”

CEO of Defence at Aurizn, Ganen Ganeswaran, explained it’s an exciting time to be bringing the entity to the market with Defence looking for new capabilities.

“As part of the merger, we’ve been working on refining and strengthening our digital offering to Defence, developing new capabilities like Synthetic T&E and investments in Technology Acceleration, which directly answer the needs of the defence industry at this time,” said Mr Ganeswaran.

Bringing together nearly two decades of combined experience in the defence industry, Aurizn has more than 160 staff and is continuing to grow with big hopes for the company.

“We have ambitious targets for Aurizn to be a major technology brand in Australia,” said Mr Thuraisingham.

“We are focused on transformative solutions we know we can develop to really push the envelope for our customers. We are looking forward to working with and showing our long-term and new customers and partners what Aurizn is capable of.”

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