QinetiQ Australia find their place in SA

Since setting up their national offices in South Australia five years ago, QinetiQ Australia has grown to build a large team of talented, local professionals who love working in the defence industry.

QinetiQ Australia is a company of scientists and engineers who provide technical advice and services across the aerospace, land and maritime domains of Defence, Government, training and industry.

Since establishing in South Australia, the company has taken full advantage of hiring local talent, as well as specialists from around Australia and the world, encouraging them to make the rewarding move to work from QinetiQ Australia’s offices in Adelaide.

QinetiQ Australia Senior Consultant Roxanne Price, who moved into the defence industry after a long career working in the Royal Australian Navy, the wine industry, international education, marketing and business development, said South Australia has opportunities abound.

“In South Australia, the opportunities continue to expand with state and federal government commitment so it’s unquestionably an exciting time to work in defence industry,” Ms Price said.

“We have national and international events, as well as all the benefits of being a capital city without the drawbacks of the larger cities.”

With team members embedded in several critical infrastructure programs supporting sovereign capability, QinetiQ Australia’s Adelaide workforce has tripled since the offices opened in 2015.

The company has invested locally in leadership and executive roles to support their rapid growth, as well as bringing specialist talent from the UK to mentor and grow local knowledge and capability.

QinetiQ Australia has over 60 staff working in collaboration with Defence Science and Technology and with other major service providers, providing enduring opportunities for their technical specialists.

Working directly with Defence and industry to undertake design engineering and obsolescence management for major platform Life of Type Extensions, QinetiQ Australia specialises in rapid prototyping and manufacture of sophisticated electro-mechanical systems for trials and experimentation.

Mechatronic Engineer Daniel Priaulx said QinetiQ Australia is passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that attracts the best talent in market to ensure the future capability and success of the Australian defence industry.

“From a career perspective, Adelaide is host to an enormous range of expertise that is driving change, creating challenges, actioning solutions and moving forward,” he said.

Defence SA Chief Executive Richard Price said QinetiQ Australia is a prime example of many companies that are finding new opportunities as part of South Australia’s growing defence industry.

“Even in these difficult times, the defence sector continues to grow and is crucial to South Australia’s economic prosperity,” Mr Price said.

“More than ever, our state requires a highly skilled workforce to capitalise on existing projects, as well as leveraging the benefits of the advanced manufacturing, research and development capabilities of our defence industry.”

“It is fantastic to see an international company such as QinetiQ Australia growing in Adelaide, making the most of the many opportunities our state can offer in this sector and dedicating themselves to continuing to grow the industry for generations to come.”

Find out more about Qinetiq Australia at www.qinetiq.com/au.

Roxanne and her colleagues found their place in the South Australian defence industry. To find your place, visit www.findyourplaceSA.com.

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