SA’s Aero Parts Australia joins forces with US radar tech company

South Australian company Aero Parts Australia has teamed up with leading international research, development and manufacturing company, IMSAR, to bring cutting-edge radar technology to Australian and New Zealand markets.

Marking the start of a long-term business relationship, the two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding recently to establish Aero Parts Australia as a representative and exclusive reseller of the US company’s operationally proven products and services.

IMSAR produces high performance multi-mode radar systems capable of all-weather imaging, moving target indicator (MTI), and maritime search. The radars are simple to integrate on manned and unmanned aircraft of all sizes and complement Full-Motion Video (FMV) and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, increasing mission capability and effectiveness.

IMSAR LLC Vice President of sales Larry Moore said the agreement will enable the company to leverage Aero Parts Australia’s defence expertise and strong connections to tap into new markets locally.

“We’re pleased to have Aero Parts Australia represent our company and our products in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

“Aero Parts Australia’s expertise and excellent relationships will assist IMSAR in establishing a presence in the region and bring our life-saving technology to a growing number of worldwide customers. 

“As with all of our global partners, we feel that they are aligned with our company values and are committed to helping us democratize radar for America’s security and all other nations that share the ideals of our founding fathers.”

Aero Parts Australia, based in Salisbury SA, specialises in representation of major products within the defence sectors, coupled with repair and maintenance services. These services cater for military search and rescue and life support systems, along with aviation product support for general and regional aviation markets.

The agreement is an exciting boost to the increasing confidence in South Australia’s defence industry and capabilities and builds on Aero Parts Australia’s existing network of worldwide companies, bringing the latest technology to their customers. 

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