Young achiever breaks ground in the defence industry

South Australian systems engineer Georgia never considered working in the defence industry, but after starting her career journey with one of the state’s largest defence companies she has never looked back.

After completing an electrical and electronic engineering degree at the University of Adelaide, the 25-year-old undertook a graduate program with South Australian-based engineering and technology company Nova Systems.

Now, she’s taken the next step in her defence industry career, joining BAE Systems Australia’s Edinburgh headquarters as a systems engineer. She will apply her expertise and experience to key Defence projects, including the Jindalee Operational Radar Network, which protects Australia’s northern coastline and airspace by providing the Australian Defence Force with vital surveillance capabilities.

“It happened by chance if I’m being honest,” Georgia said of her transition into the defence industry. “I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go after university, all I really knew is I wanted to be an engineer. I applied for a graduate role with Nova Systems because I had heard it had a great work culture.

“Now that I’m working in the defence industry, I’m really passionate about it because this is where innovation starts. Without things like the Space Race and the challenges we as humans have faced, we wouldn’t have access to many of the technologies we now have.”

After starting at Nova in November 2019, Georgia helped transform the company’s engineering approach on a number of major defence projects using new digital technologies.

She played a key role in the establishment of Nova’s Digital Engineering and Model-Based System Engineering capability and provided guidance to industry and defence personnel on how to best utilise the approach.

“I’m driving the use of technology and creating new digital approaches to the way our engineers work and providing them with guidance on how to use this technology.

“It’s an honour to contribute to projects that are important for our state and the country and have a positive impact on other people in the defence industry.”

In recognition of her passion and contribution to South Australia’s defence industry, Georgia was named the Australian Industry & Defence Network – South Australia (AIDN SA) Young Achiever of the Year for 2021.

“I’m a firm believer that leadership comes from within a team environment. In the future I do want to be a leader in the defence industry and make an impact on others.”

According to Georgia, South Australia is the ideal place to pursue a lifelong career in the defence industry, with the state’s sector experiencing significant growth across shipbuilding, systems and cyber, and space.

“This industry is so exciting, and it is full of so many new and interesting technologies.

“There’s always going to be a vast variety of work and you know that you’re contributing to something that’s going to have an impact.”

Home to a critical mass of world-class industry, delivering many of Defence’s largest and most complex projects, there has never been a better time to consider a career in South Australia’s defence industry

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