Gifts and Benefits Register

Defence SA has a gifts and benefits management policy to ensure our reputation for integrity and professionalism is achieved.

Employees (and their families) may:

  • accept gifts in circumstances where refusal is likely to cause offence
  • accept gifts from representatives of Governments either overseas or in Australia
  • accept gifts from private organisations if the gift is in the nature of a souvenir, a memento or a symbolic item (eg books, sleeve links, brooches, plaques etc).

All gifts received are included on the Defence SA Gifts and Benefits Register and are gifted to Defence SA. The following gestures are not required to be registered:

  • gifts returned unused to the donor within 14 days of receipt
  • information material to assist in the performance of official duties, including audiovisual or printed material, or free admission or discounts to informational conferences or seminars 

Defence SA Gifts and Benefits registers:

Gifts and Benefits register 2020 (ongoing)

Gifts and Benefits register 2019

Gifts and Benefits register 2018 

Gifts and Benefits register 2017

(note: only gifts with an estimated value >$50 are included in the published registers)