South Australia: a beacon for defence industry expansion

Confidence in South Australia’s growing defence industry is driving new investments and expanding capability across the supply chain.

South Australia has an expert defence industry with the experience to play a critical role in providing the capabilities our nation needs.

Seven of the world’s top 10 defence companies and a growing community of 400+ defence SMEs have operations in the state.

The announcement that South Australia will be the future home of Australia’s next-generation submarine build has understandably attracted a lot of attention across the maritime sector however there are many other projects across domains such as land, aerospace, cyber, and space secured for the state.

Industry leaders see South Australia as the ideal location to secure and deliver on Defence contracts, and with boundless opportunities to collaborate and expand there is a significant reduction in investment risk for businesses looking to grow.

We spoke with some of the state’s innovative defence companies to find out what capabilities they are expanding from South Australia.