A boost for Australia’s Information Warfare sector

Five Australian companies have come together to boost Australia’s sovereign Information Warfare (IW) capabilities with the formation of the Australian Information Warfare Alliance (AIWA).

Announced at the Info Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2023, the AIWA brings together leading South Australian companies DEWC Services, Asension, SOIO – School of Information Operations, CyberOps and Canberra-based Elysium EPL to deliver specialised IW capability and capacity.

Collectively, the consortium will harness the technical expertise of its founding member organisations to offer specialist support and expertise, training services, simulation and wargaming, sovereign research and development, as well as in-house capability development.

AIWA spokesperson, Allan Dundas, explained the alliance marks a significant advancement in the nation’s IW capabilities.

“The Australian Information Warfare Alliance is a powerful collaboration of like-minded companies and organisations that are committed to mutually working together on advancing Australia’s IW capability and addressing national Defence IW imperatives,” said Mr Dundas.

“In an age of big data, emerging technologies and increasingly modern and sophisticated threats, strengthening Australia’s IW and cyber capabilities is vital to ensuring a more agile, responsive and effective Australian Defence Force.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with our community and bringing fresh perspectives and integrated IW solutions that will meet the needs of our Defence Force and protect Australia’s national interests.”