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Secure State

Secure State is an Australian sovereign indigenous cybersecurity business. We specialise in information security and technology services and are a global leader in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), for those companies wanting to penetrate the US DoD supply chain.

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CyberOps is a boutique cyber security company that develops products and provides consultancy services in a variety of areas: Defence, Space, Government and Manufacturing.


Operational Systems

OpSys Australia is an enterprise level, world class cyber security firm. Enhanced with a fully operational, scalable IT Service Desk and Engineering team. We can monitor, maintain, and manage tens of thousands of computer systems and networks.

Operational Systems2022-09-15T16:19:37+09:30

YourDC Pty Ltd

YourDC is Adelaide’s largest and most secure Private Data Centre provider. We offer Co-Location services from two of Adelaide’s best facilities.

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