Machinery and Equipment Maintenance

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Eptec Group

Eptec is a specialist engineering contractor in Asset Preservation and Rehabilitation.

Eptec Group2022-06-03T14:34:00+09:30

Protube Engineering Pty Ltd

With years of experience in the metal processing and niche manufacturing industries, we are a reliable partner when innovation, high performance and cost efficiency are critical to your business.

Protube Engineering Pty Ltd2021-12-22T10:02:30+10:30

IPACS Australia Pty Ltd

IPACS Australia are leaders in the collection, monitoring and reporting of real-time asset performance in industries including healthcare, mining and resources, defence, energy and manufacturing.

IPACS Australia Pty Ltd2021-07-07T08:59:38+09:30

Sonnex Pty Ltd

Sonnex is an Australian owned and operated manufacturing company based in Elizabeth South, South Australia.

Sonnex Pty Ltd2021-06-10T12:14:51+09:30

Integrated Hose and Fittings Pty Ltd

Integrated Hose and Fittings offer cutting-edge comprehensive solutions, customized for all hose reel requirements of your business.

Integrated Hose and Fittings Pty Ltd2021-07-12T12:32:26+09:30

Pirtek Adelaide Pty Ltd.

Pirtek Adelaide Pty Ltd, located at Regency Park, SA has the capability for specification, design, manufacture, testing and supply of hydraulic and industrial hoses, assemblies, tube, pipework, valves and fittings.

Pirtek Adelaide Pty Ltd.2021-07-12T16:27:07+09:30

Develo Pro

Develo Pro specialise in Motorsport services, with a strong focus on engine building and in house testing and development on state of the art dynomometer equipment.

Develo Pro2020-12-08T15:44:23+10:30