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Electrocad Australia Pty Ltd

Electrocad offers a full turnkey service including design, prototyping, software, engineering, cable assembly, machining and manufacturing services from concept through to production. Founded in 1989 Electrocad has experience in all stages of product design, development and manufacture. A wholly-owned and operated Australian company driven by meeting the needs of its local and international client base.

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ThermoFisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is one of the world’s largest scientific manufacturers. With a portfolio that exceeds 1,000,000 SKUs we are in most technical fields. From healthcare, life sciences, engineering testing and measurement to analytical instrumentation and biotech. Plus laboratory equipment, chemicals and supplies we can assist from conception to commissioning and installation support.

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Workspace Commercial Furniture

Since 1911, Workspace has led Australian manufacturing, specialising in commercial, educational, defence and healthcare furniture solutions. Our comprehensive services range from design to installation, supported by a 12,500 square metre certified facility in South Australia and over 150 employees.

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Global Pumps Group

Global Pumps is a leading supplier of high-quality surface protection systems and pumps for diverse industries, including maritime, chemical and process, public utilities, commercial buildings, mining, food and bever