Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing

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PPCA Importers Pty Ltd

We are a South Australian, family owned plastic sheeting importer and fabrication company.

PPCA Importers Pty Ltd2021-07-14T10:11:50+09:30

Axiom Precision Manufacturing

Axiom Precision Manufacturing is a family owned 40 year old Australian precision manufacturing company that services the aerospace, defence, space and the medical devices industries.

Axiom Precision Manufacturing2021-11-19T11:58:03+10:30

Morgan Advanced Materials – Thermal Ceramics

The Thermal Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials has the capability to supply intelligently engineered thermal and fire protection insulation solutions to a wide variety of industries and market sectors.

Morgan Advanced Materials – Thermal Ceramics2021-07-12T14:30:58+09:30

QPE Advanced Machining

QPE Advanced Machining is a partner of Stärke-AMG alliance. Located in Gillman, QPE employs over 40 professionals covering a range of skill sets and strong defence project experience.

QPE Advanced Machining2022-02-03T19:10:29+10:30

Precise Machining and Manufacturing

Precise Machining and Manufacturing specialise in complex precision machining as well as being one of the few companies in Australia with the capability to design and manufacture moulds, including moulds for composite materials like carbon fibre.

Precise Machining and Manufacturing2022-02-22T10:23:26+10:30

Fibre Composites

Products and Services: Moulded fibreglass composites; Design and manufacture; Flat wall and floor panels.

Fibre Composites2021-07-12T11:48:43+09:30