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Eptec Group

Eptec is a specialist engineering contractor in Asset Preservation and Rehabilitation.

Eptec Group2022-06-03T14:34:00+09:30

RPS AAP Consulting Pty Ltd

RPS is a leading global professional services firm with over 5,000 consultants and service providers.

RPS AAP Consulting Pty Ltd2022-05-03T10:04:12+09:30

Citadel Secure

South Australian leaders in defence and space business development, government engagement, security compliance and training services.

Citadel Secure2022-04-04T09:21:44+09:30

ADCG Pty Ltd

The Australian Defence Consultancy Group (ADCG) provides strategic and operational level services to defence related organisations, government and defence Industry, leveraging the vast experience and network of more than 2,000 consultants to provide a conduit to skilled people with an array of relevant experience, knowledge and skills.

ADCG Pty Ltd2022-03-18T16:41:16+10:30

Objective Corporation

Objective ( is an ASX-listed software and services organisation with offices in all Australian capital cities.

Objective Corporation2021-10-28T09:55:44+10:30

Taipale Consulting

Taipale Consulting provide professional consultancy services to small and medium-sized companies on information relating to the Australian defence industry in procurement processes, quality and construction management.

Taipale Consulting2021-08-03T13:17:18+09:30

IPACS Australia Pty Ltd

IPACS Australia are leaders in the collection, monitoring and reporting of real-time asset performance in industries including healthcare, mining and resources, defence, energy and manufacturing.

IPACS Australia Pty Ltd2021-07-07T08:59:38+09:30

Chordell Systems

Chordell is an independent company founded in UK in 2006. In 2019 we moved operations to South Australia. We design and build ELINT and COMINT systems for customers in Japan and Singapore.

Chordell Systems2021-09-29T15:52:18+09:30