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Coherics Pty Ltd

Coherics specialise in the integration of technology and capability into service, through our training system architecture, to ensure mission success

Coherics Pty Ltd2022-07-01T16:44:37+09:30

RPS AAP Consulting Pty Ltd

RPS is a leading global professional services firm with over 5,000 consultants and service providers.

RPS AAP Consulting Pty Ltd2022-05-03T10:04:12+09:30

Marshall Day Acoustics Pty Ltd

Sound is a key part of our environment, providing information about our surroundings and influencing our perception of amenity and environmental quality. It can therefore be an important consideration in the planning, design and management of the modern environment.

Marshall Day Acoustics Pty Ltd2022-03-08T12:13:02+10:30

Ecas4 Australia Pty Ltd

Ecas4 Australia Pty Ltd offers safe drinking water treatment technologies (including Legionella and biofilm prevention) for a wide range of industrial, commercial, medical and recreational sectors, as well as disinfectant and cosmetic solutions for surface sanitation, including the skin of humans and animals.

Ecas4 Australia Pty Ltd2022-03-08T11:59:53+10:30

Insight Via Artificial Intelligence

IVAI provides consulting services, contract R&D, products and education and training programs in explainable artificial intelligence, computer vision, VR/AR and related technologies.

Insight Via Artificial Intelligence2021-12-20T09:55:11+10:30

MicroSafe Care Australia Pty Ltd

MicroSafe® Care Australia Pty. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the global Microsafe® Group. Founded in 2005, the MicroSafe® Group works tirelessly at the forefront of biomedical science to reimagine the way the world fights infections and the spread of pathogens.

MicroSafe Care Australia Pty Ltd2022-02-24T12:32:57+10:30

AMW Professional Services Pty. Ltd.

AMW is a predominantly ‘above the line’ contracting firm which provides professional services to our government clients including engineering, project management & support, commercial support, business analysis, integrated logistics support, and technical writing.

AMW Professional Services Pty. Ltd.2021-09-01T10:52:16+09:30