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Aurizn’s mission is to push the limits for a more secure future. We do this through our unique offering of Simulation, Advanced Sensing and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to solve some of the most complex problems facing us today.


ALARP Solutions Pty Ltd

ALARP Solutions is a management consultancy that specialises in providing governance, risk management and systems safety solutions.

ALARP Solutions Pty Ltd2023-08-28T15:49:23+09:30

Cambrian Executive Pty Ltd

Cambrian Executive is an Australian veteran-owned business, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. With our connection to the local industry and a strong commitment to serving both local and international clients, we bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the defence and space industry sectors.

Cambrian Executive Pty Ltd2023-09-28T15:20:20+09:30

Mellori Solutions Pty Ltd

Mellori Solutions delivers best-in-class electromagnetic warfare (EW) training, testing and technology services to the Australian Defence Forces and their partners. Providing scalable and future-proof solutions that deliver a sharp strategic edge.

Mellori Solutions Pty Ltd2023-04-21T14:23:51+09:30

Omni Executive Pty Ltd

Established in 2012, Omni is a 100% Australian Veteran owned enterprise which supports Australian Government, Defence and private sector clients.

Omni Executive Pty Ltd2023-03-07T14:11:57+10:30


EngAnalysis provides Australian industry access to cutting-edge test, measurement, analysis and engineering for quantification of loads, operating conditions, operational risk and survivability.