Make your next defence career move in South Australia

South Australia’s fast-growing defence industry is becoming a leading force in delivering our national defence industry capability, with exciting career opportunities attracting some of the nation’s brightest talent.

As a young female engineer wanting to work on innovative and cutting-edge technology, Jessica Sharp was excited about the prospect of moving to South Australia to pursue a career in the state’s thriving defence industry sector.

After completing a mechatronics engineering degree at the University of Wollongong and a short placement at Lockheed Martin Australia’s Canberra headquarters, Jessica was offered a position in the company’s award-winning Graduate Development Program in South Australia.

The two-year structured program provided Jessica with hands-on training across a range of projects, including the opportunity to develop technologies for JORN (Jindalee Operational Radar Network).

“The Graduate Development Program was a wonderful opportunity, particularly in developing my engineering skills,” she said. “I was able to do a variety of software, hardware and systems-based work which meant I was continually developing a diverse range of multi-disciplinary skills,” Jessica said.

Following the completion of the program, Jessica transitioned into full-time permanent employment at the company’s Mawson Lakes’ operations.

“Moving to South Australia has opened up so many new opportunities, and I’m excited to be working with a supportive company on a range of complex research and development-based projects,” she said.

“With the (headquarters of the) majority of the world’s top defence companies in South Australia, I knew that it was a no-brainer to move here.

“Now is the time to work in South Australia’s defence industry; there’s so many exciting opportunities available and it’s the perfect place for homegrown talent to develop their careers.”

For Jessica, the decision to relocate to South Australia was more than just a good career choice, she enjoys the state’s enviable lifestyle – and the diverse experiences it has to offer.

“One of the positive aspects of moving to South Australia is the excellent variety of food and, of course, all the wineries. My partner and I really enjoy going out to new restaurants and travelling,” she said.

“We have loved exploring the beautiful places in South Australia, like Victor Harbor and Kangaroo Island.”

Bursting with culture, events and entertainment, along with world-famous wine regions only minutes from the city and impressive schools and universities, Adelaide is known for its enjoyable lifestyle and ease of living.

With 7 of the world’s top 10 defence companies calling South Australia home, and more than 300 SMEs delivering services and products to Defence, there has never been a better time to consider a career in South Australia’s defence industry.

In the coming years, South Australia will be spearheading a number of major naval shipbuilding projects, creating up to 5000 jobs by 2030, along with thousands of jobs across defence delivering world-class cyber and systems solutions as well as intelligence including surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities.

From project management, combat systems engineering, contracts management, Information Technology, marketing, logistics and more, there’s a variety of rewarding careers available across the state’s dynamic defence ecosystem.

If you’re looking for a challenge and a rewarding career in an industry you’ll love, there is a place for you in South Australia’s defence industry. Make your move today.

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