Defence Technologies Academy to set up in South Australia

From 2026, Adelaide’s Lot Fourteen innovation precinct will become home to the Australian Defence Technologies Academy – a cutting-edge facility providing digital training, education and research capabilities to the defence industry, while aligning to other sectors such as space and cyber.

The Academy aims to develop defence capabilities, drive sovereign research and strengthen skills in South Australia.

The announcement is underpinned by a $60 million joint investment from the federal and South Australian governments.

“My government is not hesitating in rapidly skilling-up the next generation to deliver the most complex machines that have been built in human history,” said South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas.

“We are investing in training, education and upskilling South Australians to establish a future-ready workforce.”

The Academy is built on the premise of collaboration between industry and academia and will be operated by the new Adelaide University with a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of South Australia, University of Adelaide and University of South Australia.

Co-Vice Chancellors of Adelaide University Professor David Lloyd and Professor Peter Høj welcomed the announcement, adding that it would cement the university’s position as a national leader for defence and national security research and education.

“South Australia’s role as a trusted partner in a dynamic world is underpinned by a commitment to research in partnership with industry, ensuring that students at all levels experience the latest thinking and technology innovations in a way sets them up for future success,” they said.

The Academy will leverage collaboration across industry and academia and aims to strengthen South Australia’s skills and talent pool while providing a unique place where research supported environments benefit from deep industry expertise.