Hi-tech start-up Fivecast wants local talent to grow

Adelaide based start-up Fivecast is looking for South Australian software engineers to support its shake up of the international digital intelligence market.

Fivecast is a South Australian technology start-up developing world-leading open-source intelligence solutions to help customers uncover threats hidden behind masses of online data.

In the past 18 months, Fivecast has grown from 15 employees to 50, with the expectation that the company will employ a further 20 people by the end of the year.

Much of the company’s growth has been spawned through a major national security contract in the United States, and while a small portion of employees are based offshore, the majority of the work generated by the agreement happens in Fivecast’s Adelaide office.

Founder Dr Brenton Cooper said the company looks for people with varying experience to join the team; from fresh graduates and those a few years out of university to experienced developers.

“We are looking for people who have an interest and passion for cutting-edge, innovative technology and who are excited to use their talents in software engineering and data science to help enable a safer world,” Dr Cooper said.

“As a growing start-up, all team members are provided with the opportunity to directly contribute to our success, participate in the development of new and emerging technologies and grow their career in a challenging and dynamic hi-tech environment.”

“Employees will be working with bright people on challenging software problems, applying complex machine learning models developed by our Data Science team to large volumes of unstructured data.”

Fivecast’s premier digital intelligence solution, Fivecast ONYX, uses open-source data collection and AI-enabled risk analytics to help customers address some of the world’s biggest challenges including to counter terrorism, monitor violent extremism, detect insider threats, ensure border security, discover fraud, carry out security vetting, identify trafficking and ensure event security.

Fivecast ONYX is currently in operational use with law enforcement, border protection, intelligence and defence agencies, and corporate security customers across Australia, the United States and United Kingdom.

Fivecast has been fortunate to draw off the expertise and assistance of South Australian Government departments to assist with its export growth, leading to the company’s growing presence in the US.

Dr Cooper said he was keen to see Fivecast supporting the local economy by hiring home-grown talent.

“South Australia has a business environment which is very conducive to supporting and nurturing tech start-ups.”

“The tech talent coming out of our Universities is world-class and we have been fortunate to have had many internships from these institutions that have evolved into valuable, full time team members.”

“What we look for is people who have an interest in and a passion for cutting-edge, innovative technology and who are excited to use their talents in software engineering and data science to help enable a safer world.”

Fivecast evolved from the South Australian-based Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre, a five-year collaboration between government, researchers, national security and law enforcement to tackle the challenges associated with big data.

To find out more about growing your Software Engineering career with Fivecast, visit www.fivecast.com/careers

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