Silentium Defence lands first US contract

South Australian leader in passive radar technology, Silentium Defence, has announced its first US sales of the MAVERICK M8 passive radar system and establishment of a US entity.  

This marks a key milestone in the company’s global growth strategy, and will enable Silentium to provide responsive customer engagement, and capitalise on recent momentum across the Defence, national security and intelligence sectors.

Silentium Defence CEO Dr James Palmer, said it was an exciting moment for Silentium, as well as Australia’s defence export industry.

“To see uniquely Australian developed capability in the hands of US customers is proof we can build true sovereign advantage locally, for global export and application,” Dr Palmer said.

The MAVERICK M8 passive radar is a lightweight, ruggedised, soldier portable system for land tactical surveillance. Utilising passive radar technology, it can detect and track objects but does not emit a signal, making it completely covert in operation. The technology can be used in a range of scenarios from counter-uncrewed aircraft system surveillance to force protection, and integrated air and missile defence.

Silentium Defence Co-Founder and CXO Simon Palumbo, said there had been strong interest from potential end-users in the US and UK off the back of recent activities.

“To have achieved this level of engagement with our systems, from the soldier portable variant right up to the MAVERICK S-series for surveillance of space in just over six years since we established Silentium, is proof of both solid product-market fit and confidence in Australian capability development,” Mr Palumbo said.

Founded in South Australia in late 2016, Silentium Defence is the only company in the world delivering passive radar at commercial scale for surveillance of sea, air, land, and space.