SOIO launches specialised training course in military UAS

A new training course will equip Defence personnel, engineers and technicians with the skills and knowledge to support military Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) operations.

Offered by the School of Information Operations (SOIO), the three-day course is the first of its kind in Australia and will help meet the growing need for members of the Australian Defence Force and defence industry to be skilled in UAS capabilities.

The Australian Army currently uses a significant number of UAS platforms, most of which support intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance to support land force operations.

SOIO Chief Executive Officer Glenn Murray said the increasing demand and reliance on more advanced uncrewed aerial vehicles in warfighting and peacekeeping makes it important for Defence personnel to be trained in order to understand and operate the technology.

“The emergence of new UAS capabilities in numerous operational domains, by both allies and potential adversaries, means that leading edge UAS operational understanding will be required to help prepare the ADF and defence industry for the introduction, operation and defence against military UAS capabilities,” he said.

“Delivery of a UAS Short Course in Australia will provide the knowledge needed for acquisition, sustainment and operations of current and future complex UAS platforms for the ADF.”

“There are individual platform-based training courses in the ADF, but there are currently no broad, foundational courses on UAS. We look forward to adding the UAS short course to our catalogue.”

Delivered over three days, the course provides an introduction to military UAS operations and covers doctrine, regulation, platform classifications and capabilities. It also includes an analysis of UAS missions to supplement military operations and a mission planning exercise.

The first Introduction to Military Unmanned Aerial Systems course will be held on 5-7 July in Adelaide.

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Image: Department of Defence

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