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CBG Systems

CBG Systems has been in the market of advanced manufacturing and niche technologies for more than 40 years.

CBG Systems2022-05-03T10:02:39+09:30


Electromek is a South Australian SME, focused on design and supply of electronic systems, mechanical hardware, and thermal management solutions to defence, railway and industrial applications.


IPACS Australia Pty Ltd

IPACS Australia are leaders in the collection, monitoring and reporting of real-time asset performance in industries including healthcare, mining and resources, defence, energy and manufacturing.

IPACS Australia Pty Ltd2021-07-07T08:59:38+09:30

Chordell Systems

Chordell is an independent company founded in UK in 2006. In 2019 we moved operations to South Australia. We design and build ELINT and COMINT systems for customers in Japan and Singapore.

Chordell Systems2021-09-29T15:52:18+09:30

APC Technology

APC Technology is a full spectrum tech manufacturing company capable of built to print through to build to specifications.

APC Technology2021-06-16T14:46:52+09:30

Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian Electronic Distribution Company with 5 Branches employing 85+ of the top Electronic Component Engineers and Distribution logistics staff throughout Australia, New Zealand, servicing the Aerospace, Defence, Maritime & Space Clients, Prime Contractors / SMEs, and Design Engineers globally with access to leading-edge electronic components.

Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd2021-09-29T14:49:13+09:30

REDARC Defence Systems Pty Ltd

REDARC have established themselves as a key SME in the Australian Defence sector over the past 5 years, offering a blend of commercial off-the-shelf, modified off-the-shelf and customised, build-to-print electronic solutions that improve capability, safety, flexibility of a variety of Defence vehicles and applications.

REDARC Defence Systems Pty Ltd2021-06-18T09:24:04+09:30