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Microfactories Australia

MICROFACTORIES AUSTRALIA delivers small floorplate, multi-use, manufacturing bases for SMEs engaged in the SPACE, DEFENCE, HEALTHCARE, RESOURCES, WASTE MANAGEMENT & CLEAN ENERGY sectors.

Microfactories Australia2022-07-01T16:34:32+09:30

CBG Systems

CBG Systems has been in the market of advanced manufacturing and niche technologies for more than 40 years.

CBG Systems2022-05-03T10:02:39+09:30

MicroSafe Care Australia Pty Ltd

MicroSafe® Care Australia Pty. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the global Microsafe® Group. Founded in 2005, the MicroSafe® Group works tirelessly at the forefront of biomedical science to reimagine the way the world fights infections and the spread of pathogens.

MicroSafe Care Australia Pty Ltd2022-02-24T12:32:57+10:30


Electromek is a South Australian SME, focused on design and supply of electronic systems, mechanical hardware, and thermal management solutions to defence, railway and industrial applications.


B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd

As a leading Australian family-owned enclosure manufacturer and electrical equipment specialist since 1955, we pride ourselves on excellence and integrity.

B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd2021-07-01T10:27:04+09:30

Ausco Modular

Ausco Modular is Australia’s leading transportable hire and modular construction company. Our fleet of approximately 14,000 buildings is available for customers temporary needs in 16 locations nationally.

Ausco Modular2021-07-01T10:11:59+09:30

PRP Manufacturing

PRP (Process Rubber & Plastics) was established in 1991 and has developed itself as Australia’s leading provider for CNC cutting services. PRP offers the best in modern CNC machinery, featuring advanced flatbed cutters capable of custom fabrication from of a wide variety of materials.

PRP Manufacturing2021-07-19T09:54:46+09:30